Paralink Network’s Breakthrough Concept

As a cryptocurrency focused hedge fund we pride ourselves on having a team that has their finger on the pulse of not only the market, but the industry as a whole. Keeping up to date with the latest advancements in the crypto industry allows our proprietary strategy to tap into projects that have immense potential at the ground level, maximizing the leverage of our portfolio.

Every so often a significant breakthrough emerges in the market and this past August saw the budding of one such breakthrough. Polkadot launched it’s test net this past August introducing the concept of parachains. While the testnet was relatively limited, it clearly illustrated that there was an immense potential behind this robust solution.

Data Focused

Fast forward to November and we noticed the emergence of the Paralink Network. Paralink is a data aggregation platform which purpose is to collect, validate, and interpolate real world data sets and inject them into smart contracts on various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Polkadot. The immense power of Paralink would allow individuals to create custom data sets from multiple sources to create real-time asset prices as well as creating and accessing a massive data pool for all to access.

Data is one of the most valuable assets in the world right now with major tech companies taking as much as they can get. Tools that aggregate this data for anyone who wants to use it creates a massive accessibility unlike any other the world has seen before and our team believes Paralink will become a major player in data collection and aggregation.

In addition to the compiling of data Paralink also offers incredibly high security for applications that require a high level of trust and high-quality hardware based randomness.

Looking Forward

It’s clear to see that Paralink will gain massive attention once it hits the market. According to the website’s road map open-source Paralink nodes will become available shortly starting in 2021 Q1.

The company currently finds itself wrapping up its first round of private sale while putting the finishing touches on it’s public protocol documentation.




Quantitative and DeFi Banking in the Blockchain Sector

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Quantitative and DeFi Banking in the Blockchain Sector

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