Dreamscape Acquires Major Stake in HedgeTrade

2021 is shaping up to be a year of a potential explosion for prediction markets with new solutions being implemented for hundreds if not thousands of applications. Prediction marketplace applications are one of the many assets within the Dreamscape portfolio and will receive a large focus for the next quarter as we aim to secure positions as early as possible for our portfolio and planned fork into the decentralized DSC token ecosystem.

Our portfolio has acquired a significant stake in HedgeTrade, a cryptocurrency trading application and predictions marketplace that is primed for massive adoption later this year. Dreamscape will provide HedgeTrade with valuable trade and asset data for the newest version of the application then merge its users in the upcoming Dreamscape DeFi ecosystem.

It’s no secret that prediction markets have been receiving more and more attention lately as blockchain interoperability becomes more expansive, now allowing for cross-chain communication that has supercharged DApps around the world that deal in asset pricing. In doing so, numerous proprietary tokens have seen a spike in value.

“Global assets are being aggregated in new ways and interoperability solutions will have an immense impact on finance in 2021. Providing a more richly variegated asset variety in an easily approachable way will be profitable for many”.

— Paulo Welager

Visit HedgeTrade or Dreamscape for more information and details on both companies.




Quantitative and DeFi Banking in the Blockchain Sector

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Quantitative and DeFi Banking in the Blockchain Sector

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